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Pujols lead the ML in VORP. Pujols contributed more runs to his teams offense than Ryan Howard did for his. Ryan ranks 2nd in VORP. Voters logic behind how MVP is determined is ridiculous. And the fans are affected. Dodgers dont hit 4 hr's in a row, and lose a game then the Phillies make the playoffs. We hear its a lock Ryan wins the award because he got to the playoffs. A difference of one game can determine who wins mvp or not? Not in my book or others that really break down a players overall impact on thier team. But yet voters have us look at total HR's/RBI's to determine who wins. Lame. System is all bugged out.

Albert has had the better season. MVP season. His numbers in 143gms are numbers guys needs the entire season to put up. Ryan Howard is given the MVP it only goes to show how retarded the voters are.
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