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Default Re: Discuss the Magic vs Lakers matchup

I dont expect Bryant to go off 40 plus all series like Lebron did.

Pietrus is very athletic and tenacious, he gave up speed and strength on lebron with Kobe he matches his athletically and will force kobe into at least one subpar 43 below FG%.

THe lakers get too confident but, athletically they are able to close on the magics lengthier shooters.

On the lakers side i see.

Odom and Ariza playing a lot of minutes to neutralize Hedo and Lewis. I think Odom when focused can slow down Lewis due to his athletiscm. Ariza will take away the penetration advantage Hedo had with clevelands undersized lineup.

Kobe will have to move off the ball because Pietrus is a good defender who is tenacious.

Fisher may start, but Farmer should be getting good 25 mins in this series. He can neutralize Alston better than Fisher could.

Gasol can move howard further away from the basket on posessions and that helps the lakers rebounding.

On the magic side.....

Pietrus has shown he can score 10-15 points off the bench consistently while giving good defense. Lakers need to remember his sweet spot(right corner) and defend it.

The magic have been lights out from 3 collectively....I expect the magic to cool down, but will definitely shoot 38 percent from 3.

Overall, I hate both teams but the Lakers focused are better, Dwight and Kobe have the upper hands, but both teams are able to neutralize role player advantages.

That said I feel the lakers win in 6. Phil Jackson is a lot better at adjustments than Rivers and Brown.
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