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Default Re: Discuss the Magic vs Lakers matchup

Originally Posted by MBC2K4
Even though the Lakers started Gasol & Bynum in both meetings against Orlando this year, I would start Odom at the 4 and start Gasol at C. It's much better for the team from a match-up perspective to have Gasol/Howard and Odom/Lewis in my opinion. Plus, Gasol is a crafty mo-fo in the paint and Howard can get undisciplined with his decision making on the defensive end at times. Gasol has a much better chance of getting him on the bench in foul trouble than Bynum does.

Also last year in the only meeting between the Lakers and Magic where Gasol played, he started at C against Howard and went 12-15 from the field for 30 points and 9 rebounds. Howard was only 6-11 for 16 points. Gasol can do damage against Howard if he is matched with him.
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