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Default c'mon really

Originally Posted by Loki
I wasn't strictly talking about dunking. He's just never struck me as very creative, on a Jordan/Dr. J/Kobe/AI/TMac level. In the air, on the ground, with his handles, whatever. But he impressed me last night.

i think i see what you are saying, as far as globetrotter/air-jordan sort of moves..... but in reality - not scooby doo, how can you not be creative when getting 6-10 assists a night? he passes as close to magic johnson as we have in the league now. i'd say kidd, nash, and lebron are the best highlight dish men in the league. so that's creativity.

he's also creative in that he knows the game. maybe that's calculating, but these days it can masquerade as cleverness because so many are dolts when it comes to rotating and playing passing lanes, etc.

straight jumping in the air and doing acrobatics i agree he's too big for that. he's karl malone size and dunks like doctor j + nique. the jordan comparisons are in number, midwest local, and domination. no one compares his dunking to jordan.
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