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Default Re: Conference playoffs

Originally Posted by Timmeh
If we model our team after anyone, it should be the Nuggets sans the ink and gangster attitudes.

Look at it like this:
We need a good, veteran PG a la Chauncey Billups, with a veteran backup.
We need a good shooting guard, which we have in Raja Bell, just slightly less athletic than JR Smith.
We have our star SF in Gerald Wallace, just like Carmelo Anthony, just without that game-changing ability.
We have a great PF in Diaw/Okafor, with more offense than Kenyon Martin or Chris Anderson.
However, we lack a good center, with aggresive offensive and defensive skills, such as Nene.

I can see your points, but I also think that the Cats would benefit with players like Rafer Alston and Birdman and I think that we need Okafor to be more like Dwight Howard or we need to trade Okafor. We can't settle for players less gifted and consistent than the better Nuggets and Magic players or we won't get anywhere. (I do agree that C is our weakest link).
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