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Exclamation OFFICIAL OFFSEASON: Needs & Questions

I think we mainly need a few basic acquisitions:

1. A big man, the Lakers exposed our small frontline and used it to their advantage.

2. A consistent 3 point shooter, we missed a lot of open 3's against L.A. and with maybe Kleiza out the door, JR needs help (even JR is inconsistent)

3. Draft a good young pg, this will allow the kid to develop under Chauncey

4. Bring the Birdman back

1. Kleiza, Carter, and Jones, should they come back, who would you like to see come back?

2. Should we get a defender like Shane Battier whose specialty is to defend guys like Kobe, and make plays offensively? (Jones is a good defender, but lags offensive abilities and is a liability on defense like his multiple tripping incidents)

3. Where will K-Mart play if a big man comes in to play center?
(understanding that Nene may play PF)

If we are able to do and answer these question, I hear everyone in Colorado,ch,ch,ch, championship!

What are your thoughts, and who do you want to draft?
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