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Default Re: Ricky Rubio just said that he wont go to the nba if grizziles draft him

Originally Posted by lukekarts
You guys cleary don't appreciate/understand the different system and culture sports have outside the NBA.

Basically, every player has freedom of choice in their career. They will sign for youth teams (normally whoever offers, or in their hometown), and their team will normally offer them a better long-term contract if it looks like they'll break into the first team.

The only way a player can move teams is if another team offers to buy him from his existing team. Once a price is agreed, the player will then negotiate a contract with the new team, which he can accept or decline, but essentially the player will decide. Players can be offered contracts at any time so naturally teams won't want their contract to expire. Trades almost never happen, its all about buying and selling.

It's not like in the NBA where your contract follows you around and you have to be traded for rather than bought. The NBA system is all about trying to keep things equal, the European system gives more freedom which allows for a much bigger difference between the teams.

So I don't blame Rubio for not wanting to go to Memphis or OKC - he's brought up somewhere he'd always have a choice, and who the hell from outside of America wants to end up in either of those two?

I wouldn't be surprised if he's got a shortlist of potential destinations (NY, LA, SF, all the well known American cities) and would be unhappy anywhere else

Well it's different here he has to adjust to the system, the system won't adjust to him. The likes of Dirk and other Euros have seemed fine with the transition, the bolded statement above isn't valid.
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