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Default Re: Ricky Rubio just said that he wont go to the nba if grizziles draft him

Like lukekarts above just said, the european sports run in a different way... College does not play a significant role in Pro sports, Rubio wasn't drafted to DKV and also, as far as I know, there's chance he might have a better contract there with DKV than with a rookie contract in the NBA...

So tell me, why the heck would he leave the beautiful city of Barcelona, to come to a small city in US, to earn less money???
If I were him I would really come to US only if to a city as good as Barcelona and to a good team that will give him a prospect of development as a player and with decent coaching...

As far as his potential as a player, do you guys watch a lot of DKV games or you're just basing your opinion on the Olympics?
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