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Default Re: Posterize's Pro Prospects

Tyreke Evans, SG, Memphis

Tyreke is only 2nd to James Harden in this draft in slashing ability/getting to the rim. He has great footwork when driving and has an unstoppable spin move to his right hand when he gets into the paint. The only problem with his finishing ability is that he never is able to finish with his left hand. I thought when he did this in high school that he would be able to get rid of the habit, but it never stopped at Memphis. Every drive to the basket is either started with his right hand on the drive and finished with his right hand (correctly), a drive with his left and that special spin move back to his right hand (hard to stop), or a drive with his left and a difficult, off-the-wrong-foot finish with his right hand. He's going to have to fix this.

Evans is NOT a point guard at the next level. But he is very capable of sharing ball handling duties. He doesn't have great vision and struggles running any kind of pick n' roll, but when attacking the basket he has some of the best “dump off” passes. Very good at finding a teammate after drawing a double team. Could be dangerous on a team who likes to put a lot of their guys behind the arc (Toronto comes to mind). Finding Bargnani, Parker, Calderon, or Kapono standing behind the line after drawing their defender into the paint would be a great fit for him.

Holding Evans back currently is his outside jumper, and it's only going to get better by changing his form. He needs to get with a shooting coach quick, because shooting 1,000 jumpers a day with his current stroke will do nothing. Has a habit of leaning back on his shot instead of rising straight up. Needs to get that “phone booth” form to help him. Has the ball back by his ear instead of out in front of his hairline which causes him to shoot it kind of like a slingshot. Fact is he just can't shoot...whether it's a catch and shoot or off the dribble. He'll need to work on this and it's going to take time.

Evans' defense at the next level could be very good. Has good quickness and an extremely long wingspan that will allow him to continue to be a ball thief. He'll also be able to defend both guard positions and some smaller forwards.

Evans reminds me a lot of Larry Hughes back before he started to develop all the injuries. Same kind of driving/slashing ability, size, and I'm hoping teams don't try to force him to the PG spot like GSW did Larry. If he can ever develop any kind of jump shot he could mirror a Jamal Crawford. Very similar creativeness in driving to the bucket and finding open teammates, while also having a certain selfish “me-first” type of game.

Comparison: Philly/GSW/WAS Larry Hughes
Stock: 5-13
Best fits: GSW (7), Toronto (9), Milwaukee (9)
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