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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Only Visting Memphis,OKC, & Sacramento

Originally Posted by Torious
Sans some big endorsement deal (lol, right) I think he'll stay in spain. His manager did a fantastc job scaring off potential teams and if he doesn't get selected top 3 or so, the salary for the first two years won't even be enough to pay off the buyout.

Unless they're 100% sure he'll be a star in the NBA (in which case paying the BO would make sense) he should play it safe with 2 more seasons in spain and then enter the NBA.
Rubio plans to file something in court against his club, it isnt fair at all with his buyout price.

Hes only making $100K per year due to a contract his parents signed for him, while his buyout is $8 Million.

Doesnt add up at all and unfortunately these things are too common in terms of soccer players in Brazil.
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