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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Only Visting Memphis,OKC, & Sacramento

Originally Posted by joe
For him, personally, staying in Spain is the best option. For me, selfishly, that'd be a terrible turn of events. I've been looking forward to seeing Rubio in an NBA jersey since the Olympics.
Leaving now makes the most sense for Rubio from a financial standpoint and the most sense in terms of his development, he's only 18 so it will definetly take some time to adjust to the NBA and its better he does it fresh out of HS basically.

What's more, I've been watching the Thunder/Sonics closely since Durant arrived. Seeing Durant and Rubio on the same team would be the optimal outcome for me. But instead they're going to sit still with Russell Westbrook. Eh.
Westbrook is trash as a PG, hes is literally a poor mans Steve Francis without the scoring ability.
Moving him to SG or as a 6th Man CG makes too much sense for OKC.
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