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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Only Visting Memphis,OKC, & Sacramento

Originally Posted by El Kabong
So if Rubio is only making 100k, why have so many people been saying he doesn't need to come to the NBA since he makes more money in Spain then he would on his rookie contract?
Because they know nothing.

It's hard to imagine that the team will be so shortsighted as to refuse to negotiate a much lower buyout. The same club last season was paying Rubio -- its biggest star and best player around whom its marketing was built -- a salary of 70,000 euros, which by today's exchange rate is worth $97,706. For this season only, the club preemptively raised Rubio's salary to 210,000 euros, or $293,118, in an apparent attempt to show it was treating him fairly.

But there is no fairness by today's standard in paying a player less than $100,000 and demanding a buyout of $8 million. Joventut president Jordi Villacampa is a former star player who has to realize that he and his club will look monstrously bad if they prevent their young star from fulfilling his NBA dream by holding him to a contract Rubio's parents signed when he was 15. Joventut took advantage of the family -- envisioning Rubio's NBA potential when the family did not -- and NBA sources say Rubio's American agent, Dan Fegan, will pursue legal action if necessary to prevent the club from holding Rubio hostage. In the meantime, Joventut would lose the goodwill of Rubio as an ambassador, turning him into an enemy instead of the ally he could become over the course of his NBA career.

Thats nothing compared to the money he could make in the NBA, Von Wafer of the Houston Rockets made 2x more money last season than Rubio.
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