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Default Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

Originally Posted by Basketball_Guru
first off i said move green to the bench not SG..he already is the starting SG..and u can always draft what exactly u need without passin on i said u can move AI to the 2 and James Johnson be your 3..although Thaddeus Young played great in down the stretch he is also a bench player..and my bad on the earl clark b..but 4 ur sixers fan..1 learn how to read..2..learn somethin about bball

Thaddeus Young is the starting SF. Andre Iguodala is the starting SG. You have ZERO CLUE about the Sixers starters and draft needs. Moving Willie Green to the bench when he is already there is brilliant. I was giving your dumbass the benefit of doubt thinking maybe you errored and meant moving him to the starters spot given he is ALREADY in the role you listed. But no, you really are clueless.

And why would you pass up talented PGs who would not only be needs but better talents overall in general? You have no answer. Entire mock draft is ass. You dont even know the Sixers DRAFT NEEDS! Look at the responses you're getting you wannabe guru.
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