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Exclamation Davidson's Stephen Curry..Is "under"-rated..

That's right, people only think of Curry as a great shooter, and decent scorer in college, who say his is too frail and isn't a pure point guard, and won't be anything more than a courtney lee type player.

However, I believe Stephen Curry to be arguably the best guard and/or best prospect available in the draft. I think Curry is one of the most under-rated passer in college basketball today( Now I know he averaged all the points on the team, but he was still top 20 in the country in assist, and being that it was is first year converting to the 1 spot instead of the 2, logically your going to have some turnovers, also being that he is always being doubled, and his teammates are poo.

I think it should be noted that Curry has unbelievable court vision/awareness, however their are times that he may see what is going on, but makes bad descisions with the ball, and thats ok and understandable because like I said before, your first year playing that positions, always getting added pressure, and playing with players talented at 12 year old girls does not help. I think Curry has all the tools neccessary to be a great/dominate point guard in the NBA for these reasons. He is 6'3, and doctors say he might grow another 2 inches (, he has great ball handling abilities and can get by anybody with his quickness, and ball handling dribbles. He has a pro NBA shot that most pro's dream about having to where, you can't sit on him, or he will rise up on you because he can get his shot off so fast and quick, especially over point guards. He is an underrated athelte as well. Sure he does not have the great leaping ability or the big body like a Chancey, Deron Williams, or a Chris Paul, but Curry is 185lbs, he got a lot toner, and he has more that enough time, to hit the weight room some more, but he is deceptively strong, because he can absorb contact going to the lane, and finish strong. Excellent free throw shooter, and his confidance is bar to none, he knows how to be a floor leader.

As for people that like to say he played against "no competition" in what-ever conference he was in, when Davidson played against the big-bad Sooners of Oklahoma, he had 44 points, and they even tried to put a Blake and/or Taylor Griffen to overwhelm him..didn't work. As a SOPHMORE in the NCAA Tourney..he had 40points against a GREAT Georgetown team (30 2nd half), dominate a Wisconsin team and nearly beat the Champs in KU.

I think he goes #6 not #8 but he goes to the T-Wolves, but Curry has more than enough talent to surpass in this league. Please..what do you think about Curry??

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