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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Wants To Play For The Knicks

Originally Posted by BankShot
If we're talking purely basketball here, and not the NYC/Nike conspiracy garbage, why would Lebron want to play with someone without a jumpshot?? Sure he'd be able to handle the ball and take some playmaking duties away from Lebron, but they'd be able to double off of Rubio the whole game until he gets a legit jumper.
The thing about Rubio is nobody is sure if he has a jumper or not, people only base him not having range due to his set shot mechanics.

But in Spain usually the PG does not shoot the ball from 3, not with consistency as it is done in the American game.

Same thing was said about Calderon in terms of his range when he came to the NBA, I'd rather see it first hand in the NBA game.
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