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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Wants To Play For The Knicks

Originally Posted by NY-Knicks
i would love to see us grab Rubio. if we have to move up, trade anyone except Wilson, Danilo and first round draft picks (been there,done that). i would prefer if we could trade robinson and/or wilcox with a sign and trade + 8th pick for Memphis pick and fillers

It's actually not a bad trade, if Memphis wanted to go that route. Think about it, is Thabeet going to be better than Wilcox? Maybe/maybe not.....

If Wilcox and Robinson both sign MLE type money, then.....

Knicks get:

#2 pick
Darko Milicic

Grizzlies get:

#8 pick
Nate Robinson
Chris Wilcox

Grizzlies dump Milicic, increase their overall talent base at reasonable prices, save cash with #8 pick and Knicks $$$, and STILL will have more cap room to work with. That's not bad at all.

Knicks have no problem paying Milicic or giving up cash, Wilcox not part of future, can't pay Nate what he wants, and get franchise PG for their team.....
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