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Default Re: OFFICIAL OFFSEASON: Needs & Questions

Originally Posted by Mile High Crew
Seeing that we are just a few pieces away from being a team that can take on the Lakers I believe Stan Kroenke has shown that he is willing to spend money to win it all. Consider the various losses as well, if we want a guy like Sheed we will definitely give up LK and others.

Even if we get a guy like him I'm fine with, we just need another elite big guy in there that was our biggest weakness against LA.

But in reality I doubt we'll land Sheed, I was just saying that it would be a nice addition to our team.

I disagree with you here, I don't think many other people understand that we are much better team than what you see against the Lakers.
We need another "BIG" because we have a pretty small frontline, when we are competing with teams that have Howard, Shaq, Yao, Pau, and etc. we are getting killed inside the paint.

We also need a good backup pg, AC was a good defender, but at times he was just too small to defend guys like Kobe. He also commits waay too many turnovers.

One thing that we really struggled on is 3's if we want to put the "nail on the coffin" then a consistent 3pt shooter is a needed addition. JR is good, but is inconsistent and erratic.

Agree on pretty much all of that- really hope that first part is right and ownership will step up

I don't see why the nuggets and the trade exemptions wouldn't be the leading contendor for rasheed- none of the teams with capspace are any good and so nugs are the only good team that could pay him more than mle besides detroit


R foye
J teague
J jack

Only non pg/big I really want is bostjan nachbar who I think could play 4 and give the shooter needed- a 3/4 combo nachbar would be even more needed if kleiza isn't brought back(wich I think he should be)
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