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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Wants To Play For The Knicks

I dunno if having a latino community is much of an advantage for him... Cause he's an european dude, not south-american, there's a huge difference. Both cities also have a lot of foreigners from Europe, but I guess all big cities in America are like this nowadays, so I don't see need to pick one in particular...

The thing is, Los Angeles and New York are the most famous american cities in the world... So it's no wonder he said he wanted California and now saying New York.

Besides, about his shooting, from what I've seen from DKV Joventut games, I'd say it's doesn't become an issue of his game, it's just that it's not his forte. You don't expect to get a shooter when having him in the team, but he has a lot of other qualities that make him a good prospect.
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