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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Wants To Play For The Knicks

Given all this hype, I hope Rubio doesn't turn out to be the next Darko. Even though a jumpshot isn't the hardest thing to develop for a guard, there are still plenty of PGs who never could develop a shot. But damn the kid looks smooth running the offense.

Originally Posted by GoldMedallist
I am from Spain, and I can tell you Rubio hasn't said anywhere he won't play with any team. He's worried about his high buyout and he's trying to lower it to have more options.

Of course HE hasn't said anything. Smart players let their agents do the talking.

But this makes all sorts of sense. If he's paying so much money to get here, obviously he wants to recuperate as much of that as possible. Especially given the fact that should he become a bust, this might be the last multi-million dollar contract he gets in the NBA.
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