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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

Originally Posted by Basketball_Guru
ok now im convinced u know nothing about bball...u said "nobody else on that team could average more than 10ppg even with the lack of options they had..and this allowed westbrook to get more oppurtunities to take shots..."

wow..have u heard of a guy named Kevin Durant?? who was top 5 or 6 in the nba in scoring..o and have u heard of Jeff GReen?? yeah maybe you need to watch more bball..and u gettin on this guy like HE ISNT A ROOKIE.
You just proved my point, there were only 3 real scoring options on that Thunder team last year.
Westbrook was the only PG/SG with an actual interest in scoring, yet he did it inefficiently.

.come on..yeah im sry if i judged A ROOKIE by getting 18/5/5..anybody else will tell u ur out ur mind..yeah his jump shot is going to get better..look at Tony Parker who couldnt shoot when he first got in the he is a all-star and finals MVP..learn some basketball and be quiet cuz u sound ridiculous..
He didnt average 18/5/5.

He averaged 13/5/5 on a high uptempo team which allows him to grab more boards than usual for his position, while only averaging 5 APG as a full time PG compared to 3+ Turnovers while shooting a low FG%.

Tony Parker is not a good comparison at all, Tony Parker doesnt rely on his athleticism the way Westbrook does, statistically at the same point Parker was a better passer, and Parker was drafted #28 not #4 like Westbrook was.

You know another PG who couldn't shoot as a rookie?

Marcus Banks
Sebastian Telfair
Antonio Daniels

We'll see if Westbrook develops a jumper over time.
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