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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #1 Overall - LA Clippers

Originally Posted by Maniak
Yes, I am. I think itd get complicated all in 1 thread.
60 threads? That seems really unnecessary. These things will absolutely clog the draft forum, they won't even all fit if you go into the second round.

Why not do the first 5 picks in this thread, then picks 6-10 in a second thread, picks 11-15 in a third thread, etc etc? ****, even doing it in groups of ten picks would work for the second round. People will be able to figure it out if you name each thread like "ISH Mock Draft - Picks 6-10".

Maybe do an individual thread for each of the Top 5 picks, or the Top 10 picks, but an individual thread for all 60 picks? Or even all 30 first round picks? Excessive.
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