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Default Re: Dwight Howard Exposed? 1-6 FG!

Originally Posted by RocketGreatness
I like Dwight Howard, but I'm also a realist. Yao Ming is still better.

No you don't and no he's not! Get that through your head. Dwight is in the finals right now, where the hell is Yao? Injured? Again?! It took Yao SEVEN SEASONS to get past the first round! And Yao is now 28 and has been injured 4 straight seasons.

In 5 seasons at age 23 Dwight has made it to the second round twice, won 50+ games twice, led the league in rebounding twice, led the league in blocks and now he's in the finals. Oh yeah, Dwight has only missed 3 games in his entire career. He just had a 40/14/4 game in the clinching ECF game. He led his team to an upset win without homecourt. He's only getting better too.

Yao is better head to head with Dwight, Dwight is better against just about everyone else. Yao has the more polished game, but Dwight is the more effective player.
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