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Originally Posted by Interminator
Tyler isnt eligible, Davis nor Ebanks have a versatile enough offensive skillset to go #1.

Ed Davis is a talented 19 year old whose role is going to shoot up this year cause the team will lose it's top 4 leading scorers. We have no real grasp what his real offensive skillset is and how much he has improved. As is, he already is penciled in as a top 10, possibly top 5 pick. No stretch to think he can't improve to be the top player in the country especially with how good of a big man coach Roy Williams is.

Secondly, Ebanks may not be #1, but he can secure a top 5 pick. By the end of the season he was dominating the Big East tournament and had a big game in the tournament. He is a fantastic talent coupled with being incredibly competitive. I wouldn't be surprised if people were talking about him as a top 3 pick by season's end.
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