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Default Re: Kobe trying to regain that street hunger

Originally Posted by GUUS
no, what's an act is Kobe going up to his wife and kids after every game and pretending he loves them, and when he used to pretend he was just a kid from Philly, until he got booed at the Philadelphia all star game.

Most of the stuff Kobe says and does off the court is an act. I'm pretty sure on the court that's the true Kobe.

For a basketball player its the best mentality to have, but as a person, it isnt
He is like TO. Except he has 3 rings and a bunch of supporters that defend him. Both are greats. But they are always being phoney. Screaming he cant guard me at the commentators? Why does Kobe try to pretend that he is a bad/mean guy? It's all an act.
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