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Default Dwight Howard's post play discussion.

If this guy works hard on his post game in the offseason, and continues to do so as his career goes on, he will be a beast offensively. He works very hard to get open and is generally successful in getting good position... but whenever he gets the ball in the post, he always brings the ball down and sometimes dribbles unecessarily. This allows double teams to close and gives players a chance to strip the ball. Since he's so deep there's really no need to bring the ball down, just go up with it, or at least hold it high in the air before he makes his move, so guards can't swat at it. He gets the ball stripped a lot more than he should.

A perfect example of this is was tonight when he had a mismatch against kobe deep in the post, and all he had to do off the catch was turn around, keep the ball high (which is where he caught it) and take a 3 foot shot or even dunk. Instead he brought it down and tried to make a move and was fouled/doubled before getting a good shot attempt off.

Jeff Van Gundy made a good point of this, how when Gasol catches it in the low post he keeps the ball up high, and can generally take a quick jumphook with ease. Howard is such a monster physically that if he did that, he can just go strong to the rim, or get a good close range look. When he brings the ball, and his shoulders down he makes it difficult for himself.

That, and work on a spin move to the baseline. The opposing teams always give him the baseline open when he catches it on the low block... but since he's not very comfortable going baseline he takes a dribble and a step to the middle and takes a hook which is more often than not contested fairly well. He needs to be able to make quicker moves with confidence and be able to go either way, so he can mix his post game a little bit and be less predictable.

He's already proved he can improve his free throw shooting in just a short amount of time focusing on it over the past month. If he makes post fundamentals his focus for the offseason along with some free throw out.
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