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Default Re: Dwight Howard's post play discussion.

Dwight's post game has improved a lot. His running hook or jump hook with either hand is pretty good. He has a few good spin moves and he can use his speed when he faces up. This was all working to perfection against Cleveland and Philly. The key is getting these moves more consistent and polished while added maybe a face up jumper or turnaround jumper(which Ewing certainly could help with)

His passing has improved a lot as well, he's been handling double teams more patiently and making accurate passes to shooters. He still can only make basic passes, but that's good enough for now. He's averaging 3 assists per game in his last 8 games.

Dwight's problems are as the OP mentioned, putting the ball down low but also being lazy and not meeting passes and honestly his teammates don't get him the ball enough.

The scary thing is that he's 23, has so many things he can improve on, but he still has a chance to lead his team to a championship!
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