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Default Re: Kings hire Paul Westphal as new coach

What are you guys talking about. He's not the former wnba coach. You guys are thinking about the Monarchs coach -- whats his name.

And oh, Rambis NEVER turned the job down. He wanted to stall the process until after the finals to see what Phil would do. If he got shafted again then he would show more interest! The truth be told he's a LA boy all the way, no harm but Petrie doesnt allow anyone to use the Kings as a spare tire.

Westphal is a terrific offensive mind coach. So expect guys like Porter, Silas to come in and be his defensive guru. Coachie should still be expected to stay in to institute the Princeton offense in some stints of the game.

I personally would love Terry Stotts to be on the bench along side Porter/Silas

All in all, the kings are making the right moves to being an elite team in this game again. Starting off with the coaching move ...NEXT RICKY RUBIO!!
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