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Default Re: Dwight Howard's post play discussion.

His offensive game has improved since SVG has arrived. However, it is still not good by any means. He lacks serious touch, has sub-par footwork and has low IQ when it comes to offense. His scoring will always be relied upon his teammates more than himself. The only thing I am impressed with is his passing ability out of double teams.

All said and done, If Dwight is a face up player and if he doesn't develop a short range jump shot he will never be good on offense by any means. Relies way too much on athletic ability. His post play defensive is not good either, he's the best shot blocker in the league, but he has average post defense at best.

Anybody with length and somewhat lateral quickness can stop him. Only one pu*sy by the name of Big Z can't because he's a pu*sy and he is an idiot.

He needs to realize he's not even remotely close to Shaq, in terms of dominance, skill, or anything for that matter. They have nothing in common aside from being black and their FT percentages. Dwight Howard right now is David Robinson without the touch and he keeps on trying to play like Shaq.
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