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Default Re: Rubio Says Bye to Europe

Originally Posted by KeylessEntry
I am glad to hear its official that Rubio will be in the NBA next year.

I think Rubios NBA comparison is more like Jason Williams. Kirk Hinrich will never be able to pass the ball like Rubio. On the other hand, Kirk is about 10 miles better at shooting than Rubio.

I think Rubio will be pretty good when it's all said and done, probably somewhere around Steve Nash with a bad jumper. Or maybe a bad rebounding version of Kidd.

These are pretty solid comparisons. Rubio is not a speical type like Kidd or Nash, but he is only 18. That is a long time to improve a jump shot. He plays great defense (7 steals against Russia in FIBA tournament, DPOY in Spain), and he has excellent vision. The problem that he will run into is the athleticism of other guards. Rubio could be one of two things: a complete and total star or a complete and total bust. It depends on how hard he is willing to work on strength and conditioning, and his on-court shortcomings such as shooting.

Check out this blog. Hilarious stuff. Great NBA section.
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