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Default Re: Ricky Rubio Potential Destinations

Originally Posted by Seņor Cedric
1. Memphis at #2
They trade him to.......
  • Sacramento for #4 and Jason Thompson (or maybe #4 and Kenny Thomas' expirer for Jaric and Buckner)
  • New York with Milicic for #8 and David Lee.
  • Washington for #5 and McGee
  • Boston with Milicic for Rondo and Glen Davis (sign and trade)
  • Atlanta for Al Horford and #19
  • Charlotte for Raymond Felton and #12
  • Golden State for #7 and Anthony Randolph (I like this deal best)
  • Houston with Milicic, Jaric, Buckner for McGrady's expirer, Carl Landry and some future picks (terrible deal for both teams IMO)
Or they keep him and he never comes over.

2. Oklahoma City at #3
They could trade him to any of the teams mentioned before, but I think they would trade him to a team that drafts Harden or Thabeet (as long as it's not Memphis). I really don't see them keeping him, unless Westbrook has turned into a phenomenal shooter over night.

3. Sacramento at #4
There's no way he slides past here.

More on the Boston idea:

Memphis fills two needs, and comes out of the deal with a very nice, young looking starting 5.

Boston saves money in the deal, by not having to re-up Rondo or Davis. They also get Rubio who projects to being a good shooter one day. Rondo will never be a good shooter.

Next, Boston signs Iverson to the MLE for 1 year.

Signs McDyess or Joe Smith to the veterans minimum.
Signs Lindsey Hunter to the veterans minimum.
Signs Robert Swift to the veterans minimum.

Trades Scalabrine, Allen, Pruitt, Giddens for Nocioni

Let Marbury and Moore walk.

CT: Perkins/ Milicic/ Swift
PF: Garnett/ McDyess/ Powe
SF: Pierce/ Nocioni/ Walker
SG: Allen/ House/ 2nd Rounder
PG: Iverson/ Rubio/ Hunter

no one wants iverson
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