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Default Re: Discuss the Magic vs Lakers matchup

Originally Posted by Scottish Pippen
After game 1 blowout SVG made some adjustments that have been effective in last 2 games, and I think it is now Phil's time to make some adjustments as well. Although this have been said plenty of times already, Pau and Bynum need to get more touches, especially in the 1st quarter. It is a little bit of a non-sense sticking to Bynum instead of Odom but not using his abilities enough, I know he still struggles creating his own shots but getting Pau the ball in the post would end up in Bynum getting more easy baskets since Pau is very good at finding his teammates when defense decides to double him. This should be happening against any team, but against Orlando... for god's sake, they play Lewis at PF, you need to take advantage of that, chances are you're gonna get easy baskets or Shard on foul trouble (which hasn't happened yet). If from minute 1 you're going to play Kobeball and expect him to stay hot the whole game you may want to play a lineup that can guard the opponent properly, I mean, it is stupid having Pau running around the court trying to guard Lewis and then not punishing his lack of size on the other end.
Also, so far SVG has whoever is guarding Ariza almost automatically going for the doubleteam on Pau and Kobe, and Phil is struggling to use that for his team's advantage, either that or Ariza is a bit too much in love with his 3pt shot: he is averaging 5 3pt attempts per game, which is a lot in my opinion. Lakers have a lot of weapons, but I would not consider Ariza's shooting one of them. Regarding this, even though I really dislike Vujacic, I'm curious about how effective he could be guarding Hedo, he could give him a lot of trouble any time he puts the ball on the floor, which he loves and does very often. I know he is much taller but he plays like a guard.

You make some good points but remember that, according to some Laker fans and Alonzo Mourning, Kobe is now coaching the team. Therefore the question now is whether Kobe is willing to make the necessary adjustments and get the bigs more involved.

You also may want to consider paragraphs in future posts. just saying.
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