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Default Re: June 11: Lakers @ Magic, Game 4 (NBA Finals)

Originally Posted by Mor'Fiyah
It isn't always about stats. I think he actually shot decently in the fourth and overtime. I think what most people are seeing was how difficult it was for the Lakers to get a good shot off when Dwight Howard hunkered down and defended the crap out of the paint. I mean we couldn't get anything inside. They went to Gasol a couple times and he couldn't convert because Howard pushed him out and it was getting physical in there. But Phil said it himself... the turning point in this game came when Kobe ripped the ball out of Howards hand on that rebound. Kobe just got it done... it wasn't pretty... it wasn't efficient... but it was grimey and raw and pit-bullish. There is more than one way to win a game!

And he got it to the right guy when it counted! Go Fisher!

I feel ya man but I'm just frustrated by his offense. I know he was hacked a bunch of times (and got away with the elbow for the haters) but a lot of those shots were forced, often early in the clock. It wasn't smart decision making, it was too old-kobe decision making for my taste. Almost every time he gave the ball up at the end it resulted in a big play for us. Trust the team...they have not let him down yet.
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