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Default Re: June 11: Lakers @ Magic, Game 4 (NBA Finals)

Originally Posted by shadow
Warning anti-kobe rant/essay:
Is it me or is Kobe
a) an idiot?
b) just not gonna deliver in the finals when it counts?

He's had his one good offensive game in the finals (game 1) so far; he had one good offensive game in each of the previous two finals, and based on that it scares me that he won't have anymore the way he's playing. Let me clarify...yes he's putting up the numbers, but he's doing it horribly inefficiently and mostly because he's playing incredibly forced offense, especially in the 4th.

Ariza and Fisher saved the Laker's butt today (in game 3 Odom and Gasol almost did). When it mattered most Kobe was nowhere to be seen except chucking up bad shots. To his credit he gave the ball up near the end which lead to big shots (two fisher plays and the Gasol dunk). But the fact remains...the guy nearly gave the game away again thanks to his incessant chucking. Is it too much to ask a guy not to shoot four straight possessions in a row and move the ball a bit to keep his team mates in the game and also to make his own life easier?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a hater. I want Kobe to do well. I love watching his game when he plays smart, team ball. But in the finals we're not getting that guy. If his shot's on you get game 1. But if its off, you get most of his games this year (same as '04 & '08). And don't anyone tell me about the assists. AI averaged about a ton too, so did LeBron. And both those guys dominate(d) the ball too much on their teams.

So I have just one wish besides LA winning it all. In the remaining games can we please run our God damned offense.

What game are you watching? Only MJ has had 4 straight games of 25 points and 8 dimes. He's taking shots and distributing the ball.

It looks bad when shots don't go in, but they are makeable by Kobe standards. Kobe is doing work IMO.
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