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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #4 Overall - Sacramento Kings

I`ll go with Brandon Jennings.

Normally this would seem like reaching on a player projected lower, but this draft is pretty weak so there are really no sure things outside of Blake Griffin. Honestly, Jennings has as much chance as any other top 10 prospect to be a significant NBA player. Bigs like Thabeet and Hill lack offensive chops, Steph Curry is not a true PG and is too similar to K-Mart, Evans and Derozan play the same position as Martin, Earl Clark actually would be a reach.

Udrih is not the kind of PG you want starting long term, Jennings was arguably the top high school player last year and will bring some much needed excitement to the franchise. They could also go with Jordan Hill, although he`s kind of similar to Jason Thompson. They might also draft Tyreke Evans to play PG. Thabeet would make no sense for them.

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