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Default Re: OFFICIAL OFFSEASON: Needs & Questions

Originally Posted by kurple
Trade Bobcats pick for a top 15 pick this draft.

Draft Ty Lawson

Keep Heart and Petro, let AC, DJ and Bird go (Because bird is gonna ask for a big contract or a long contract and he is 31 years old)

Sign Anthony Parker and Charlie V

Billups - Lawson - Heart
Parker - JR - Weems
Melo - JR - Balkman
Kmart - Charlie V - Balk
Nene - Petro - Hunter

+ Dice 3 mill

80 mill team and a championship team.

Is the 3 mill what mcdyss counts on next years payroll?

I don't like your plan of trading in for pick 15 and then taking lawson- lawson despite what some have said would not be a good fit for the nuggets and won't really even be a very good nba player- he isn't among the top 10 pg's in this draft for the nugs imo
That's my list and I don't know the foreigners and some others but there are still 11 better fits at pg so at pick 15 lawson would be a terrible pick- can't shoot or finish and being so small he will struggle in the nba without being a scorer- and he isn't a very good defender overall
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