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Default Re: Denver Nuggets Draft

Originally Posted by OneMoreSucka
I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.

Anyone know the word on how Hansbrough's stock is looking? I'd love to have him coming off the bench.

Hansbrough will go somewhere between 10 and 20 meaning the nugs would have to trade into a pick for him- I like him too but even though the chances of the nugs getting a pick are very low if they do imo it has to be to go after one of the gaurds- sadly it seems that holiday(my fav for the nugs) "stock" is rising up to the un reachable in a trade area- still think he's perfect and teague would be great too, supposedly brandon jennings is sliding and he would be great too- denver was supposed to have seen my pick #34 favorite lester hudson yesterday along w 20 other teams- hopefully he is what I think and the nugs but no one else agrees
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