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Default Re: This Could Of Been Our Team

Adding Dwight Howard in there is understandable. Like in the NFL, the Bobcats should have gotten the 1st pick as an expansion team and Orlando was close to passing on Howard for Okafor; but we also might have taken Okafor with the 1st pick so who knows. The next year, it would have been feasible for us to get Paul b/c I believe we passed on packaging the 5th and 13th to move up; I think we would have picked CP3 over Deron b/c he is local.

After that it gets very fuzzy. CP3 + Howard would have been a force no matter the depth around them. We still would have been a lotto team b/c of youth but not #3 and I think we would have wound up with Ronnie Brewer, Randy Foye, or Ammo. We wouldn't have needed a high profile guy to get butts in the seats and Foye was a 1/2 and we obviously wouldn't need a 1 so I think we would have taken Brewer.

You really can't go any further b/c a team of CP3, Howard, Crash, and Brewer is incredibly different from what we ended up with and we don't know how they would have grown as players or as a team. Also, who knows what free agency moves we would have made by that point. What is for certain is we would be much, much better today... Going to go cry in a corner somewhere after thinking about it.
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