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Default Re: Lakers are 2009 NBA CHAMPS!!

Originally Posted by Coop-A-Loop
Well what a year it has been. From the depths in Boston to the mountaintop in Orlando and every NBA city in between. We have had discussions about Phil as a coach, just about every player on the team, Mitch and the entire Buss family this season.
We talked about this team playing like they would be 82-0 in the beginning, how in the world they could blow a couple of easy games in the middle, how they could blow huge leads near then end of the season and lived and died with them through the playoffs.
In the end though the best team in the Eastern Conference came along and EVERYTHING clicked. It took the best shooting displays in finals history to take the one game but otherwise this was a Laker team that displayed heart, a killer instinct on defense, offensive execution when it was absolutely critical and above all the talent to be named the:


All I can say is......

Well stated. I have often times been critical of this team's play down the stretch. Although they waited until midway through the Denver series to get it together, they got it right in the end and won it all in convincing style.

They left no doubt that they are the best team in the league.

I started to watch the game last night when Orlando went up early and I just couldn't take watching it and had to go for a bike ride. Not that I didn't think they could come back, I just was too antsy to sit through it. I got back with less than a minute to play and got to watch the rest of the night unfold.

Kobe was definitely the MVP, but this was a team victory in every sense of the word. Pau, Derek, Lamar and Trevor came up especially huge when the team needed them and PJ has proven that he is the master even though we questioned his tactics at times.

Lots of questions about next season, but now is not the time. This is a time for celebration of a job well done.

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