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Default ISH Mock Draft - #12 Overall - Charlotte Bobcats

#1-Blake Griffin
#2-Ricky Rubio
#3-James Harden
#4-Brandon Jennings
#5-Hasheem Thabeet
#6-Tyreke Evans
#7-Johnny Flynn
#8-Stephen Curry
#9-Demar DeRozan
#10-Jordan Hill
#11-Earl Clark

Earl Clark ran away with 11 votes for the NJ Pick.

For Charlotte I've read in Charlotte Observer that they are definitely after a SG and like what they see in Gerald Henderson. I also read that Larry Brown loved what Hansbrough brought in his workout and I'm hoping Brown/MJ don't go for the UNC connection this early.

I'm going to go with Gerald Henderson here. DJ Augustin was a good pick by MJ last year that surprised a few and he'll need a backcourt mate. Henderson has some connections to Larry Brown (used to attend Sixers practices as a kid, Brown's kids go to Henderson's old high school in PA) and that could help a bit. The only other position of need I see is at center if Okafor wants to be a PF, but it's too early for Mullens to go. Felton is also not expected to be resigned as a restricted free agent. Raja Bell will be 33 at the beginning of the season. Henderson is my guy.


Gerald Henderson- 6
DeJuan Blair- 1

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