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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #13 Overall -Indiana Pacers

Jrue Holiday. TJ Ford is going to be traded, I'd bet money on it. Daniels is definitely gone, picking up the team option would put us into the tax (not happening). Diener's Travis Diener. Indy has no capable perimeter defender at all (Jarrett Jack was often defending the best wing if that tells you anything), Blair would be a bad fit on either side of the ball with Hibbert/Murphy (talk about slow footed), a kid with upside as high as most anyone in the draft is too much to pass up at the back end of the lotto in a weak draft.

I like T-Will a lot, if Holiday were off the board I'd love to take him, but for whatever reason (poor shooting I guess) Indy's shown no interest in him. Another guy that makes a lot of sense is James Johnson, but he seems a lot more interested in playing nothing but the wing.

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