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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #13 Overall -Indiana Pacers

I'll go with Jrue Holiday, even though I think he is highly overrated. I don't quite understand how a freshman combo guard who is only 6'3, has basically never played PG, and only averaged 8.5 ppg, is now considered a lottery pick. I would need to see at least one season of him as the go-to-guy and point man for UCLA before I would be willing to take him this high.

But Indy fans seem to want him, even though he won't ready to contribute for years, if ever. So I say give him to them. It's not like Dejuan Blair is going to be very valuable to them anyways, he's really just a monster-rebounding 6'6 back-up center when it comes down to it. They have enough solid role-players, they need to start aiming for talent. And I suppose if Jrue really does have all this "upside", this could look like a very good pick in 2 or 3 years, if the kid is in fact capable of learning how to play PG.
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