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Default Re: Predict Ricky Rubio's rookie stats?

Originally Posted by knickballer
thats it? He'll get 2 blocks at least coming out.

Rubio- (If NY) 12 points 6.5 assists
Thabeet- 6/7ppg 8 rebs 2.5 blocks

Yeah, if Thabeet gets enough minutes to get 8 rebounds, there's no way he'll block less than 1 shot a game. Of course it all depends where he ends up, but with 25 mins per game, I think he's stats will be like: 9pts/9rbs/2,5blks. That's assuming he'll play for a weak team. As a shot blocker, he's already top 5 in the NBA, he also has developed offensively enough to have a better game than most of NBA centers. The real question is can he get his feet moving in the defense and is he tough enough.
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