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Default Re: Call your team's pick

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I wouldn't be surprised much if Lawson goes before Maynor, but I'm just not sure Lawson can do anything but run'n'gun. I know that fits what Philly's doing right now, so I wouldn't question a Lawson pick at all, I just think Maynor is the safest PG prospect (including Rubio) in the class, he's Sam Cassell part deux to me, one of those kids that's going to end up being a great prospective coach once his playing days are over. Regardless of where he goes I'm going to be rooting for him.
Yeah what I like about Maynor over Lawson is that Maynor can play at 3 or 4 different speeds and sometimes all in the same possession. Lawson seems to only have one speed, really really fast. I'm almost certain that as long as Rubio/Jennings/Flynn/Curry are off the board like expected our pick will be either Lawson or Maynor.

I'm at the point where I won't be upset who we pick as long as it's reasonable because you never know how these guys are going to be. If a PG falls from projected lottery to 17 and we pass then I'll be pissed. But taking Lawson over Maynor when I prefer Maynor wouldn't upset me, or something similar. I just can't wait to draft a guy and see him in summer games.
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