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Default Re: Call your team's pick

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Yeah what I like about Maynor over Lawson is that Maynor can play at 3 or 4 different speeds and sometimes all in the same possession. Lawson seems to only have one speed, really really fast. I'm almost certain that as long as Rubio/Jennings/Flynn/Curry are off the board like expected our pick will be either Lawson or Maynor.
To add to what I said about Maynor having 3-4 speeds and Lawson only having 1, Lawson probably has the best change of direction of this point guard crop. Doesn't have that Iverson crossover, just a normal switch of left to right or right to left that's impossible to stay in front of because of his speed.

Still a question of if he can finish when he gets by his man though.
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