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Default ISH Mock Draft - #15 Overall -Detroit Pistons

#1-Blake Griffin
#2-Ricky Rubio
#3-James Harden
#4-Brandon Jennings
#5-Hasheem Thabeet
#6-Tyreke Evans
#7-Johnny Flynn
#8-Stephen Curry
#9-Demar DeRozan
#10-Jordan Hill
#11-Earl Clark
#12-Gerald Henderson
#13-Jrue Holiday
#14-James Johnson

This will be my first "out on a limb" pick and I'm going to go with BJ Mullens, and there are some reasons for this. The Pistons are no longer in "win now" mode and are willing to blow up their core. Billups is already gone, Rasheed will be out this summer, Iverson will leave almost as if he was never there, rumors of both Tayshaun and Rip being traded. Detroit is one of the few teams that can wait on BJ's potential to come through because they're not going to be winning a championship anytime soon.

Also when looking at their roster...their top 4 scorers came from a guard or small forward. Rasheed Wallace was the 5th leading scorer and won't return. Antonio McDyess was their 6th leading scorer and is nearing retirement. Walter Hermann is a free agent. Kwame Brown, Jason Maxiell, and Amir Johnson are the lone big men on the team. Impressive huh?

I also thought about Eric Maynor, and making Stuckey the permanent SG. But Rip would have to be gone for this.


BJ Mullens-7
Austin Daye-1
Terrence Williams-1

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