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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #16 Overall - Chicago Bulls

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I disagree with the statement that Terrence Williams is Sefolosha's clone. T-Will has alot more offensive skills, is a harder-worker, stronger, and has play-making ability that Sefolosha doesnt posses. And the Sefolosha trade was done before they were seriously considering trading Hinrich and now who knows if BG will return so the Bulls need depth in their backcourt

i wouldn't say they are clones but they had similar attributes coming into the draft and after predraft workouts, sefolosha was known to have great ball handling skills enough to play the point in spurt moments, great passer, great motor, great defender etc. etc... very similar to the scouting report t-will has, now imagine what sefolosha would have done if he was at louisville last year? i think they would have similar seasons and sefolosha would probably rank as a mid-late 1st round pick just like his "clone" t-will in this years draft, no?

i like t-will but obviously i don't like the pick here but whats done is done.
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