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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #17 Overall - Philadelphia 76ers

Something else I thought of to differentiate Lawson/Maynor. If Maynor was the pg on that UNC championship team would it have changed their success? It seems like they would have had just as good a chance at a title. And would it have affected Maynor's draft stock at all? Chances are it would have raised it or kept it the same, doubtful it would have been lower.

But if Lawson had played PG for VCU would VCU have had the success they did? And would he be projected to go nearly as high as he is now? I just can't see it. Playing on a great team is a great way to boost your stock and Maynor has found a way around that wall. Idk if Lawson could have done the same if put in that situation.
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