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Default Re: Lakers are 2009 NBA CHAMPS!!

Been on vacation in Vegas the past week so I didnt get a chance to celebrate with you guys, but I missed every one of you and I know the forum was going bonkers when we won! I was at a brazilian steakhouse watching the lakers win game 5 while munching on filet mignon and drinking white russians, it was SO glorious! I didnt even wanna go out that night, I just wanted to go back to my room and watch sportscenter all night.

Congrats to the lakers and to every one of you guys who were sticking with the team during the season and never taking your eyes off the prize. MAN did D-Fish redeem himself, didn't he?

Not resigning Trevor and Lamar is not an option. Lamar played OUT OF HIS MIND in games 2 and 5 and Trevor just did a little of everything. Shannon would be nice to bring back as well.

Major congrats to Luke and Lamar who have paid the most laker dues outside of Kobe and Fish. Those two have been with us for the long haul and i'm glad they finally were rewarded for it.

Lakers NBA champions 2009 baby.
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