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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #16 Overall - Chicago Bulls

theres a thread about ish's basketball pickup game in chicago, why don't we play a little pick up ball and talk about it over there, don't worry im not gonna try to kick your ass or anything, i just want to see what your opinions are in person while playin a little pick up ball.

and also i went on the bulls forum so bulls fans can vote, not so people would pick hansbrough, y would i tell the bulls forum when i knowingly know that majority of the bulls fan dont want hansbrough

read my first two posts in this thread, i said i actually llike t-will but not for this pick and stated my reasons, you picked t-will and you gave a lame reason, can you agree you gave a lame reason?

im done with this thread, respond in ish's chicago basketball game pick up thread
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