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Default My last thoughts on who to draft at #11

Not sure if any cares about this or my thoughts, but i really hope that the Nets do NOT screw up this pick at #11. I'm reading every site and every rumor about who they pick up. Here's one:

On Terrence Williams: The Seattle product has risen rapidly on the draft boards and the Nets do like him enough to grab him at 11. There is serious though going on to try to work a trade with either Chicago (16 and 26) or Minnesota (18 and 28) to try to parlay the 11th pick and whatever into two first rounders. But do the Nets really want to add two more bodies, two more young bodies? And as one source said, "Someone would probably take Williams at 11." NY Post

"I know from close sources that New Jersey has interest in me, and I have a lot of interest in New Jersey with that level pick," Williams, the versatile swingman from Louisville, said after his workout with the Nets yesterday. "With my position, I think I could help right away and learn a lot from Vince Carter." NY Post

I have nothing against Williams but I really feel strongly that the pick should be on a SF or PF not a PG or SG. In my opinion, there are only 2 dudes the nets should target: Earl Clark and James Johnson. Preferably Earl Clark. If the nets pass up on this kid, trust me, I GUARANTEE YOU that they will be sorry. There's 2 superstars in this draft class: Blake Griffin and Earl Clark. In a few years Earl Clark will be amongst the Elite. That's all i have to say about that. Thanks for listening! ALso im going to print out this Post that i made and Frame it on my wall, and if the Nets pass on this kid, im going to repost this a million times...

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